20 Amazing Things You Can Do With Mason Jars

I knew mason jars could be used to create some pretty spectacular things, but I had no idea the list was so long! Check out all the ways you can make mason jars into more below:

1. Mount them on the wall as vases for fresh flowers.

I love the look of this for a springtime kitchen.

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via Etsy / PineknobsAndCrickets

2. Turn it into a soap dispenser.

You can do this one yourself by following these instructions.

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via One Good Thing By Jillee

3. Make them into monogrammed party cups.

Wine charms are totally last season when it comes to summer BBQs. You can learn to make these at home with these directions.

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via A Beautiful Mess

4. Make a mounted bathroom organizer.

Perfect for storing small items like makeup brushes, cotton puffs, Q-tips and more. Check out this handy tutorial for making your own.

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5. Metallic mason jar vases.

To achieve this look, simply coat the mason jars in silver or metallic spray paint. Voila! These make amazing table decorators for dinner parties.

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via It All Started With Paint

6. Alternatively, you could always paint the inside of the jars to provide a glossy finish.

These are great for storing utensils or craft supplies. Get the full tutorial here.

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via Kootut murut

7. Upcycle it into a cool light fixture.

This adds instant character to your room.

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via Kelly + Olive | Apartment Therapy

8. Store dry goods like pasta and rice.

Hanging them creates instant organization and pantry space. You can do this project yourself by checking out the instructions on HGTV.

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via HGTV / Lincoln Barbour

9. Mount them in the kitchen for extra utensil storage space.

This looks way better than having a cluttered drawer.

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via Etsy / DesignsbyMJL

10. Create an outdoor lighting system.

Look how beautiful the mason jars are at night.

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via Petite Raisin

11.  Or, you can DIY and create a mason jar chandelier.

Here is everything you need to know.

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via WE Design

12. Create the coolest snow globe ever.

Video instructions can be found here.

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via Mashable
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13. Use them as floating candle holders.

Adding some clear or even colored stones to the bottom is a nice touch.

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via Emmaline Bride / My Bride Ideas / Our Labor Of Love

14. Use them as a pancake-making tool.

Yes, you heard right. Take a look at how delicious these puffy pancakes are and get the recipe here. I know you’ll want it for later.

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via boy & the rabbit

15. Use them to pack this messy salad without making a mess.

Salad-on-the-go just got a whole lot easier. Get the recipe and proper salad layering details here.

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via ya gotta have a hobby

16.  Or simply to bring your pasta salad to work without worrying.

Mason jars have the tightest seals!

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via Yummy Beet

17. DIY cup-I-mean-jar-of-noodles.

This healthier version is detailed here.

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via veggie belly

18. DIY instant upside-down candle holder.

To add ambiance to your jar-of-noodles meal, of course.

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via simply kierste 

19. DIY salt and pepper shakers.

Another win for upcycling!

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via Slow Mama

20. Make your own mason jar candle.

This is perfect for anyone who is not a huge fan of small tea lights.

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via Something Turquoise
Main Image Source: WE Design
Collage Image Source: 1. boy & the rabbit 2. Lovely Little Details 3. Slow Mama

VIA: diply

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