Ralph From The Simpsons Turned Into A Creepy Cake

Kylie Mangles, the master baker behind the baking and design website Freshly Squeez’d, has created a masterpiece cake that blurs the boundaries between, of all things, graphic design and baking. She took an unsettling illustration by graphic design artist Eric Flores that depicts Ralph Wiggum as he might look as an anatomical cutout and re-created him as a cake!

Mangles created the unbelievably detailed cake as a submission to a competition on threadcakes.com, where she also breaks down the cake’s complicated 5-day creation process in painstaking detail.

Though there are were many inedible support elements inside of the cake, Mangles confirmed that little Ralph was indeed delicious after she chopped him up and ate him together with her roommate.

More info: freshlysqueezd.com | Facebook | threadcakes.com (h/t: mistermonkus)


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