13 Of The Most Creative Works Of Chocolate Art

Chocolate has come a very long way since it first appeared in its solid form in Europe in the 1800s. Today, artists can manipulate and mold this sweet and delicious confection to create works of art or cleverly designed treats.

Before European confectioners even thought of giving chocolate a solid form, civilizations in Mesoamerica had already been cultivating the bean and consuming a spicy and bitter drink from it for thousands of years. This drink became popular in Europe as well before the solid chocolate that we know today was conceived in 1847.

#1 Chocolate Tools

Chocolate ToolsChocolate ToolsChocolate Tools


#2 Chocolate Truffle Planets

Chocolate Truffle PlanetsChocolate Truffle Planets


#3 Functional Chocolate Lego Bricks

Functional Chocolate Lego BricksFunctional Chocolate Lego BricksFunctional Chocolate Lego Bricks


#4 Chocolate Paint Tubes

Chocolate Paint TubesChocolate Paint TubesChocolate Paint Tubes


#5 Chocolate Skulls With Brains

Chocolate Skulls With BrainsChocolate Skulls With BrainsChocolate Skulls With Brains


#6 Painted Bars Of Chocolate

Painted Bars Of ChocolatePainted Bars Of Chocolate


#7 Chocolate Pencils

Chocolate PencilsChocolate PencilsChocolate Pencils


#8 Chocolate Temple

Chocolate TempleChocolate Temple


#9 Chocolate Nails

Chocolate NailsChocolate Nails


#10 Chocolate Dominoes

Chocolate Dominoes


#11 Chocolate Rhinocerous Beetles

Chocolate Rhinocerous Beetles






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