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Check Out These 17 Paper Clip DIY Uses

Paper clips are handy for keeping important documents neat and organized, but did you know there are plenty of other ways you can use the mini office supplies in your everyday life? If you need a way to keep your washi tape for unraveling, or put an extra layer of security on your computer’s camera, paper clips can save the day. So stop undervaluing your clips — we’ve compiled 17 unexpected ways you can use them today!

1. Tie a ribbon onto a paper clip to make a cute bookmark.

2. Keep your washi tape from coming unravelled.

3. Stick a paper clip to the end of your duct tape and never lose the seam again.

4. Clogged glue cap? Pop the top off and use a paper clip to clean out the hole.

5. A paper clip with a bit of tape on the end can act as a lint roller for your headphone jack. Gently move it around inside to get out any gunk.

6. This cute ear cuff is made from a paper clip.

See how to make it here.

7. With a few bends and a piece of electrical tape, you can cover up your webcam for extra security.

8. If your zipper pull fell off, use a paper clip to zip things up.

9. Use colored paper clips to make a pretty dream catcher.

10. Harness the power of science and make a paper clip compass.

Harness the power of science and make a paper clip compass.

Rolling Robots

Learn how to do this here.

11. If you’re trying to work and your sleeves keep falling down, use a paper clip to hold them up.

12. Make an iPhone holder with two paper clips. You’ll never get a sore neck from watching videos again.

13. If you lose a button, a paper clip can save the day until you get home.

14. Make a cool ring from a paper clip with this tutorial.

15. You can make an entire chandelier out of paper clips.

16. Glue a button to a paper clip for an extra dose of cute.

17. You can hang decorative plates on the wall using a rubber band and four paper clips.

Get the instructions here.

That DIY paper clip ear cuff is so cool looking! I want to try and make one of those. Plus, I’m always looking for a utensil to get gunk out of glue bottle openings. I know I’ll never look at a paper clip the same way again!

You Won’t Believe What’s Going On Inside A Turtle’s Shell. It’s Even Weirder Than You Think.

You Won’t Believe What’s Going On Inside A Turtle’s Shell. It’s Even Weirder Than You Think.

VIA| Turtles have been around for quite some time (157 million years to be precise), and yet their shell remains an evolutionary anomaly – there is no other creature with an even remotely similar anatomy.

If you’ve always wondered just what’s hiding inside the a turtle’s shell, you’re not alone. But don’t worry – we’ve got you covered.

Unlike most animals with shells, the turtle can’t leave its shell behind. It’s actually part of their bone structure.

That large central cavity isn’t just a place to store old boxes of baseball cards, it’s an efficient space for their internal organs. Here’s how it looks with everything still inside.

Miniature LEGO Adventures

I am a French photographer born in 1981, and I began my work by photographing extreme sports in urban areas. Influenced by geek culture, my artistic approach is now focused on small LEGO® characters.

My work combines the techniques of photography, street art, model making and installations; in my created microcosms, I play with scale and material to alter perception.

Via boredpanda

Spine-Chilling Clown Portraits By Eolo Perfido Will Give You Nightmares

Clownville, a photo series featuring grotesque portraits of terrifying clowns, is the photographic nightmare of French-born photographer Eolo Perfido. Perfido says he was inspired by silent film stars like Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, who were forced to exaggerate their emotions because they were unable to speak.

Modern clowns first appeared in the late 18th century and were associated with circuses and comedy. The word itself comes from a Scandinavian linguistic root meaning “clumsy, boorish fellow.” This is why Perfido’s photography is so shocking—he’s transformed something funny and joyful into a vulgar terror.

Eolo Perfido now lives in Italy. His work has been featured in magazines such as NY Times, Communication Arts, Panorama First, Vision, Vogue Russia, GQ Russia, L’Espresso and Computer Arts. Valeria Orlando did the makeup for Clownville.

More info: | | Facebook | Flickr (h/t: featureshoot(NSFW))


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8-Week-Old Kitten Born With Permanently Worried-Looking Eyebrows

Gary, an eight-week-old cat that was born with eyebrow markings, is becoming an internet sensation as the “Confused Kitten.” The kitten, owned by a couple in Manchester, was named after Take That star Gary Barlow, who is famous for raising his eyebrows while singing.

The owners insist that the markings are real; “When he was born there were just these two little black blotches on his forehead…We love Grumpy Cat so we thought we’d give him a run for his money,” owner Andy told the Dailymail.

For more cats with distinct markings, click here.

More info: Facebook (h/t: dailymail)


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