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12 Couples That Prove Love Lasts Forever


Life’s all about the little moments.

Meet 11 couples who have immortalized their love on their Polaroid Blipfoto Journals. Here are their pictures of celebrating life’s Big Moment.

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“We knew within weeks of meeting we would marry and I have never once regretted it. It hasn’t all been plain sailing but the tough times have only made me appreciate this wonderful man I call my husband even more.” – SarahK

“I wish I’d known then how quickly the last 25 years would pass so I could have taken the time to slow down, pay full attention and really cherish every moment.” – Damnonii

“He suggested to have a coffee together, I said “no” first but he didn’t give up and suggested twice more… He was very kind… I accepted and had coffee with him! We continued to see each other and decided to get marry three months later!” –Aynil

“She’s still finding out who I am. It would be boring to have all the information from the start.” – SaraEvans

“The dress is size 10: I am size 12. The dress is 38 years old: I am 63. The dress has done in its life, a days work: I have had three changes of career and raised two wonderful girls. No wonder the dress still looks good!” – clickychick

“If I had realised how truly fortunate I was to have had the most amazing wife I would have been even more excited about our future life together.” – CannyScot

“What we know now that we didn’t know then? Well, that we would have a lovely son and daughter and that we would put so much weight on! (I would never get into that wedding dress now!)” – Jeanneb53

“I am wearing the same jacket, which mysteriously did not do up, and the same earrings – woo hoo, something still fits!” –Kagsy65

“It is still a source of amazement that, although we were both very young when we married, and knew practically nothing, we thought we knew everything we needed to know. Perhaps we did. What we were both certain about was that it would all work out. And I think it is safe to say that it has.” – Wildwood

“Glyn has just recently retired and we are starting our lives together all over again, he is still full of wit, full of fun and full of love for me and our family, we enjoy everyday we have together… If I knew then what a know now’? I wouldn’t change a thing !!!” – MollyMay49

“I’d have skipped down the aisle a lot earlier if I’d known how much fun, happiness, and joy we’d have together! When people ask us how long we’ve been married, we reply, ‘Not long enough!’” – DDW

“Here we are, almost 44 years after our wedding. To my amazement, the wedding dress still fits… well, I was able to squish into it.” – Anneli

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Geometric Line Tattoos By Chaim Machlev Elegantly Flow Across The Human Body

The incorporation of modern art into tattoo design is gaining steam world-wide, and one of the tattoo artists at the forefront of this movement is Chaim Machlev, whose beautiful line tattoos often look like complex geometric simulations that we’d normally expect to see on a computer screen.

Though he also creates beautiful geometric tattoos and tattoos with traditional artistic elements, the Berlin-based artist’s signature tattoos are broad and sweeping ribbons and lines that trace the bodies of their clients like trails of cigarette smoke. He previously worked as an IT manager, beginning his tattoo work in 2012, so we’re wondering if his designs might have been influenced by coiled cabled or bouncing screensavers.

For other great modern tattoo work, check out these cubist tattoos tattoos by Expanded Eye!

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Wind Turns Frozen Sand Into Alien Towers On Lake Michigan Shore

Owing to a unique confluence of weather conditions, photographer Joshua Nowicki encountered an extraordinary sight when he went for a walk on the shore of Lake Michigan near the city of St. Joseph last weekend – bizarre towers of sand standing as tall as 12in (30cm).

It turns out that the towers were a unique combination of the intense cold and the wind blowing off of the enormous lake. The wind eroded the frozen sand, leaving behind these curious wind-blasted towers.

The beautiful spectacle was short-lived, however – when he returned later to capture more photos of the strange phenomenon, they had already been melted by the snow.

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