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These 22 Amazing Inventions Were Created By Ordinary Chinese Citizens.

We are used to seeing things that are “Made In China,” but these industrious individuals from the Asian country took that idea to a new level.

Clever Chinese citizens have taken to creating their own vehicles, aircrafts, submarines, and robots. Some seem kind of bizarre, but you can’t deny the impressive skill behind these inventors.

1.) Wooden Electric Car

1.) Wooden Electric Car

Liu Fulong created the vehicle, which can reach up to 20 miles per hour.

2.) Mobile Suitcase

2.) Mobile Suitcase

It took He Liang 10 years to perfect this suitcase-scooter hybrid. It’s capable of speed of up to 12 miles per hour and can travel 30-40 miles per full charge.

3.) Musical Comb

3.) Musical Comb

Han Yuzi’s invention can give you sweet tunes after it’s done giving you sweet style.

4.) Giant Motorcycle

4.) Giant Motorcycle

This 600 lb mammoth motorcycle only took $1,300 to create. Despite its impressive look, it can only reach speeds of about 25 miles per hour.

5.) Unusual Unicycle

5.) Unusual Unicycle

Invented several years ago by cyclist Li Yongli, this gives a new spin on unicycles.

6.) Broom Tractor

6.) Broom Tractor

Twelve brooms cycle at the back of this tractor to sweep up the streets of Mohe.

7.) DIY Submarine

7.) DIY Submarine

The farmer spent five months creative the submarine, which he successfully submerged in 30 feet of water.

8.) Suction Submarine

8.) Suction Submarine

Zhang Wuyi uses this submarine to collect sea cucumbers in Wuhan.

9.) Homemade Helicopter

9.) Homemade Helicopter

Young farmer Wu Zhongyuan sets off his helicopter propellers in Jiuxian county.

10.) Walking Robot

10.) Walking Robot

Farmer Wu Yulu created this walking robot to pull his rickshaw without getting tired.

11.) “Noah’s Ark of China”

11.) "Noah's Ark of China"

Yang Zongfu created this 6-ton cylinder which protects anyone inside from external heat, water, and impact.

12.) Prosthetic Arms

12.) Prosthetic Arms

Sun Jifa lost his arms in an explosive fishing accident over 30 years ago. He couldn’t afford expensive prosthetics, so he spent two years guiding his nephews to build these out of scrap metal.

13.) DIY Aircraft

13.) DIY Aircraft

This motorcycle/aircraft hybrid was invented by Zhang Xuelin from Jinan.

14.) Scrap Metal Robot

14.) Scrap Metal Robot

Self-taught inventor Tao Xiangli bought the scrap materials for $49,037 from a second-hand market. There’s only one flaw: it’s too big to fit through his front door.

15.) Giant Bicycle

15.) Giant Bicycle

No engine necessary for this bad boy made by Zhang Yali and friends.

16.) Hovercraft

16.) Hovercraft

Created by farmer Shu Mansheng from the Dashu village.

17.) DIY Plane

17.) DIY Plane

Created by automobile mechanic Ding Shilu from Shenyang.

18.) Water Bicycle

18.) Water Bicycle

Created by Liu Wanyong, the bike is held up by two large floating tubes.

19.) Floating Bicycle

19.) Floating Bicycle

This more compact version is photographed being ridden here by Lei Zhiqian across the Hanjiang River.

20.) Mini Submarine

20.) Mini Submarine

Local farmer Zhang Wuyi uses this workshop to create various scientific inventions like this submarine.

21.) Homemade Canon

21.) Homemade Canon

Hopefully this doesn’t have to come in handy, but farmer Yang Youde seems pleased with his invention.

22.) Homemade Submarine

22.) Homemade Submarine

Tao Xiangli tests his submarine in the waters outside Beijing.

These are just a handful of the amazing things crafted over the years in China. Last year, over 200,000 inventions were reported. Looks like we need to step up our game, America.


You Can Now Anonymously Send Poop To Your Enemies

What a horse and an internet geek have in common? Yes, correct! They started a business together!

Thanks to the internet service called Shitexpress, you can now anonymously send horse poop in a box to anyone in the world. Well packed, with a handwritten, personalized message. Nobody will ever find out what a terrible thing you just did. The service promises 100% anonymity, thanks to Bitcoin cryptocurrency payments. Who’s it gonna be, huh? Your boss, teacher, or your ex-wife? Or you better watch out, pal. If you receive such unexpected box with this note, you can start an investigation.

More info:

They’ll ship the poop anywhere in the world for free!

150 Portraits Of People Around The World In A 30-Year Career Retrospective By Steve McCurry

Legendary photojournalist Steve McCurry, who counts the famous Afghan Girl portrait as only one of his many amazing photos, is opening a retrospective exhibit in Italy called “Steve McCurry: Oltre Lo Sguardo” that will feature 150 photos taken throughout the 30 years of his illustrious career. The photos, taken among people of various cultures around the world, emphasize his unparalleled ability to capture the human soul through a lens.

For me a portrait is about connection, somehow you connect with a person, visually or emotionally,” McCurry told designboom. “I’ve often believed that a person’s life stories are kind of written on their face. It’s magical, it’s mystical the way you can connect to a person, it’s hard to describe. You know it when you see it.

The exhibit will be held in the beautiful Villa Reale di Monza in Italy, but it will run through April 6th, 2105, so if you’re dying to see his photos (as you should be), you can still make plans.

More info: | (h/t: designboom, mymodernmet)

An elderly man of the Rabari tribe, Rajasthan, India, 2010

Portrait of a boy from the Suri tribe, Omo valley, Ethiopia, 2013

Shadow play, Preah Khan, Angkor, Cambodia, 1999

Children from the Kara tribe look through windows, Omo Valley, Ethiopia, 2013

Workers on a steam locomotive, India, 1983

Mumbai, India


Sanaa, Yemen

Rajasthan, India


Yangon, Myanmar/Burma

A boy sits on a chair, Omo Valley, Ethiopia, 2013

A girl in a doorway, Afghanistan, 2003

Robert De Niro in his screening room in Tribeca, New York, USA, 2010

Steve McCurry speaking with men of the Suma tribe, Omo Valley, Ethiopia, 2012

Camel and oil fields, Kuwait, 1991

Omo Valley, Ethiopia

Portrait from Tagong, Tibet, 1999 (exhibition view at Villa Reale di Monza)

Portrait of a refugee taken in Balochistan, Pakistan, 1981 (exhibition view at Villa Reale di Monza)


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Little Hamster Bartenders Serving Tiny Food And Drinks

Bars are already great places to be, but I’m sure they’d be a whole lot better if the bartenders were hamsters. And that’s exactly the world that Twitter user Kawanabesatou imagines when he comes home from his job as a graveyard caretaker – he photographs his pet hamsters as they tend the tiny bars he’s built for them.

We have no idea why these hamsters spend so much time in bars, but they are surprisingly well-done given their size. There are also bookstores and even a gravestone storefront in the mix as well.

There’s an entire industry dedicated to miniscule food and drinks that can be placed in tiny models or doll houses. So if you’ve ever wanted to see a hamster eating sushi or having a beer, I guess you can cross that off your bucket list.

More info: Twitter (h/t: kotaku)


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Geometric Paper Animal Sculptures By Wolfram Kampffmeyer

Wolfram Kampffmeyer, a talented artist based in Germany, creates beautiful geometric paper animal sculptures in elegant pastel colors that look like computer models that have come to life.

These paper critters’ resemblance to 3d computer models is intentional. Kampffmeyer, who studies Computer Animation, writes, “if you are sitting in front of the computer all day watching your virtual models, you start wishing to hold them in your hands.

Due to their reproducible nature, Kampffmeyer’s clever works take a variety of forms – paper sculptures, post-cards with punch-out sculpture parts, and even light fixtures. All of these can be assembled at home – a bit like Steve Wintercroft’s cool DIY paper masks.

More info: Facebook | Etsy | (h/t: ufunk)


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Ralph From The Simpsons Turned Into A Creepy Cake

Kylie Mangles, the master baker behind the baking and design website Freshly Squeez’d, has created a masterpiece cake that blurs the boundaries between, of all things, graphic design and baking. She took an unsettling illustration by graphic design artist Eric Flores that depicts Ralph Wiggum as he might look as an anatomical cutout and re-created him as a cake!

Mangles created the unbelievably detailed cake as a submission to a competition on, where she also breaks down the cake’s complicated 5-day creation process in painstaking detail.

Though there are were many inedible support elements inside of the cake, Mangles confirmed that little Ralph was indeed delicious after she chopped him up and ate him together with her roommate.

More info: | Facebook | (h/t: mistermonkus)


How To Recharge Batteries With Just A Playing Card And The Sun

Rechargeable batteries save money and reduce hazardous waste. IF you remember to charge them, that is. Reaching for a battery only to find out it needs to spend 4 hours in the charger is a real bummer.

Frustrated by this problem, Instructables user Shawn Frayne decided to invent a battery charger that works anywhere there’s sunlight–no outlet required.

“I wanted a cheap and fast way to make battery chargers that I can keep on my desk, so that I could have an armada of charged batteries at all times,” Frayne writes. (Don’t we all?)

“I didn’t want to take up more outlets and have more wire spaghetti with plug-in chargers, so I settled on a solar charger.” Smart man.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

A roll of Copper tape with adhesive backing (available at most electronic component stores)

Super glue (the thin stuff, also known as cyanoacrylate)

Playing cards

4 NdFeB magnets between 1/4″ – 1/2″ diameter, 1/32″  – 1/8″ thick, any grade N42 – N52 (available lots of places, including

4-8 small pieces of raw lasercut PV silicon cells (aka “solettes”)

Several AA rechargeable batteries

“This project works best with NiMH AA and AAA batteries, but can also work with NiCads (which are not the most environmentally benign battery in the world, so best to avoid buying these if you don’t own them already),” Frayne points out.

Step 2: Fold the Playing Card and Apply Copper Tape

Bend the short edges of the card over so that it looks like two-legged table.

Then add a couple pieces of copper tape. Make sure to wrap the copper around the entire width of each flap. These will be the “wires” that connect the energy generated by the solar cells to your AA battery (via the magnets).

Step 3: Attach 2 Magnets to the Underside of the Card

The magnets are the terminals that connect your solar charger to an AA battery. You can also add a magnet to each side of the card (for a total of four), and they’ll hold themselves in place without glue.

“When the magnets grab onto a AA battery, current can flow through the copper tape, through/on the surface of the magnets, and then into the AA battery,” writes Fayne.

Step 4: Place the Solar Panels

In order to generate enough power, the solettes must be stacked in series with a shingling technique. This is where your superglue comes in.

“The (+) output is the grey underbelly of the first solette in your shingled fan-stack. The (-) output…can be accessed either at the bus bar or white silver ink runners on the blue top surface of the final solette in your stack,” Frayne explains.

(More about this in the video at the end)

Step 5: Coat the Top Layer of the Card with Epoxy

Mix up some 5-minute, two part epoxy. Then, pour it onto the top of your the card charger, covering the solettes and magnets.

Do NOT get any epoxy on the inside magnets, since it will prevent them from carrying current to your battery.

Frayne recommends putting your new charger on some popsicle sticks so that the epoxy can drip off the sides of the card.

Step 6: Wait five minutes for the epoxy to dry and…voila! You’ve got a AA battery charger that’s powered by the sun.

Meet Frayne (his mustache is awesome) and learn more about how the project works in this video.

Project and images courtesy of Instructables user sfrayne.

(VIDEO) Man Jumps Onto A Dead Whale Being Eaten By Great White Sharks



Even the parents of this Perth, Australia, man who jumped onto a whale circled by hungry sharks say their son is an idiot.

Harrison Williams, of Quinns Rock, north of Perth, was videotaped jumping from his friend’s boat and swimming across to the dead whale, because one of his mates said “it would be pretty funny to surf the whale.”

Seven News footage showed several large great white sharks circling and feeding on the other side of the whale.

The 26-year-old said he knew they “busy chomping on the whale,” but told Seven News he knew it was a stupid thing to do once he was on top of the whale.



30 Clever Innovations That Totally Need To Be Everywhere Already

Movie theaters with screens in the bathroom so you don’t miss anything.


And the ultimate outlet would also have extension cords built into the wall.


Small tiles you can attach to your keys, wallet, computer, or pretty much anything. If you lose anything, you can then look up their location on your smartphone.