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26 Stylish Sinks It Would Be An Honor To Wash My Hands Inside

Move the ball to change the temperature and color

Ocean Atlas: Massive Underwater Statue Of Girl Carrying The Ocean On Her Shoulders

Jason deCaires Taylor is in the business of creating surreal and dream-like spaces, and his latest underwater sculpture is no exception. His latest project, called “Ocean Atlas,” saw him submerge an 18-foot-tall, 60-tonne statue of a girl in the seas off the coast of Nassau in the Bahamas. It is currently the largest underwater statue in the world.

The girl in the piece seems to struggle underneath a heavy burden, which is appropriate given that she was named after Atlas, the Greek god responsible for bearing the heavens on his shoulders.

As with the rest of Taylor’s numerous underwater sculptures, this one was made from a special pH-neutral cement that will allow reef organisms to thrive on its surface. His statues allow new reefs to grow where none existed before and draw tourists away from over-worked diving hotspots. This one is no exception – it was commissioned by the Bahamas Reef Educational Foundation to honor their founder.


My Day With Leo: Guy Replaces People’s Heads With Leo DiCaprio

The MyDayWithLeo Tumblr follows the strange, fun adventures of social media artist Joel Strong as he meets people throughout New York and covers their faces with cut-outs of Leonardo DiCaprio and other stars from 90s teen magazines.

After its origins with pictures of Leo in his teen years, the project has expanded to include other stars past and present. Strong has even taken to creating his celebrity headshots together with ladies that he takes out on Tinder dates.

More info: Tumblr | (h/t: thisisnthappiness)


Illustrator Doodles On Starbucks Cups To Turn Mermaid Into Various Characters

Seoul-based illustrator Soo Min Kim has made a habit of turning the iconic mermaid on Starbucks’ paper coffee cups into both fantastic and mundane characters.

Kim, who uses both markers and paint, clearly has a lively and healthy imagination. His variations on the mermaid comment on everyday life, make philosophical statements, or simply turn the mermaid into a fearsome death-robot.

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28 Teeny Tiny Wild Mice

When they’re in our homes and eating our food, most consider mice to be repulsive pests. But out in their native fields and woodlands, mice are about as cute as it gets.

Because of their size (and perhaps also due to jealousy of their cuteness), there are a lot of things out to get mice, including the internet’s favorite mouse-slaying terror, the common house cat. But because of their adaptability and speed, they are still one of the most wide-spread and successful mammal species on Earth – they can be found in almost any environment and on almost every continent.

Mice certainly are cute and harmless in their natural environments, but they can be devastating pests when introduced to new environments. In parts of New Zealand and Australia, the absence of natural predators allows them to breed unchecked and devastate local crops and bird populations. Many birds were able to nest safely in the South Pacific islands until mice were introduced there by European explorers.

Image credits:

Image credits: Kaloyan Hristov


Image credits: Matt Binstead

Image credits: Miroslav Hlavko

Image credits: Benjamin Joseph Andrew | Matt Binstead

Image credits: Miroslav Hlavko

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Image credits: Adam Hough

Image credits: Benjamin Joseph Andrew

Image credits: Mark Wright

Image credits: Benjamin Joseph Andrew

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Image credits: Pavlo Lutsan

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Image credits: Benjamin Joseph Andrew

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Image credits: Paul Tymon

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The Death Of Conversation: I Photograph People Obsessed With Their Smartphones

Posted by babycakes romero

I don’t have a problem with portable tech specifically, because our devices facilitate our lives, but I believe it is making people seriously dull…

I started to photograph people in company on their phones as there was a certain symmetry to them and it appealed on a visual level, but as I continued I noticed an inherent sadness to the proceedings.

Before mobile phones were invented, people would have had no choice but to interact. However, that is no longer necessary as we can all now “pretend” we are doing something “important” on our devices rather than think of something to say. This is killing conversation. I believe it’s increasing social pain.

Most people used to use cigarettes as a social prop. Admittedly, they’re bad for your health, but at least they didn’t turn people into ‘plugged in’ bores. Together we must be strong and release ourselves from the shackles of smartphones and bring face-to-face chat back!

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This Photographer Is Changing Maternity Photography With His Underwater Mermaid Moms

Posted by Adam Opris:

My name is Adam Opris and I am a wedding and lifestyle photographer by day and underwater photographer by night. I am always trying to push the envelope and create art through people and their stories.

I grew up in South Florida with a love for everything outdoors. I’ve practically lived in the ocean my whole life. With that great love for water, I am bringing mermaids out of my maternity clients. By embracing buoyancy and enabling these pregnant women to be free, I am creating magic to capture pregnancy in all of its glory!

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How To Trap A Cat In 3 Easy Steps

The Internet is collectively performing a study on cat behavioral psychology, and all of us (and our cats) can participate! After a few users on Reddit and Imgur noticed that their cats are attracted to circles, submissions poured in of other cat owners trying these low-tech traps on their feline friends.

One possible reason some of these cats might be attracted to these circles is their need for safety. Cats love small and secure spaces, so even the suggestion or illusion of one may prove more appealing than wherever they are at the moment.

More info: (h/t: reddit, imgur)

Step 1: Set the trap

Step 2: Lure the ferocious beast

Step 3: Gloat over your victory

He didn’t even see it coming


There’s no way to escape

He didn’t even know what hit him

Now People From All Over The World Are Trying This Trap:

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Image credits: imgur

Image credits: imgur

Image credits: imgur

Image credits: imgur


114 Buildings Around The World Shattering All The Conventions Of Traditional Architecture

75. Stamp House (Cape Tribulation, Australia)

78. School of Design OCAD Building (Toronto, Canada)

30 Of The Worst Packaging And Labeling Fails Ever

It seems like packaging design should be fairly simple, but there seem to be quite a few people in the business who don’t seem to get the basics. This list of packaging and labeling fails illustrates the importance of the phrase “measure twice, cut once.”

We’re sure we’ve missed something, so if you’ve noticed any hilarious, unintentionally inappropriate or simply failed product packages or labels, we’d love to see them! You can vote for your favorites in this list or add your own.

#1 Soup For Sluts

Soup For Sluts


#2 Barbie And Ken

Barbie And Ken


#3 My Dog

My Dog


#4 Dinosaurs



#5 Training Balls

Training Balls


#6 Tastes Like Grandma

Tastes Like Grandma


#7 Strange Sausages

Strange Sausages


#8 Rice With Herpes

Rice With Herpes


#9 Musical Instrument

Musical Instrument


#10 Child Shredded Meat

Child Shredded Meat


#11 Watermelon



#12 It’s A Boy

It's A Boy


#13 Pampers



#14 Homo Sausage

Homo Sausage


#15 The Jew’s Ear Juice

The Jew's Ear Juice


#16 Only Puke

Only Puke


#17 Incredibly Relaxing Toilet Seat

Incredibly Relaxing Toilet Seat


#18 Megapussi



#19 Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie


#20 Barbie



#21 Nice Try Easter Bunny! Nice Try…

Nice Try Easter Bunny! Nice Try...


#22 Sweet Treat

Sweet Treat


#23 Strawberries



#24 Onions



#25 Easy Living

Easy Living


#26 Virginity Soap

Virginity Soap


#27 Australia



#28 How Do You Close This Juice Box?

How Do You Close This Juice Box?


#29 Crap In A Box

Crap In A Box


#30 Pull-Back Tarantula

Pull-Back Tarantula


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