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Woman sobs, shakes uncontrollably during TSA frisk

By Dan Ryan: The touchy-feely Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is in the news again, this time for an incident that took place in Madison, Wisconsin, last week.

Conservative blogger Jim Hoft of Gateway Pundit recorded and published a video that shows a TSA agent frisking a woman in a pink sweater, who sobs and shakes uncontrollably while enduring the heavy petting of her crotch and thighs. After the agent walks away, the unidentified woman continues to cry, hunched over, apparently in shock.

Hoft described the pat-down as a “horrible sexual violation” in his post entitled “War on Women…Sobbing Female Suffers Through Obama’s TSA Groping.”

The TSA has handled airline security since its creation in 2001, following the 9/11 attacks, but implemented new, invasive screening procedures in 2010 that have outraged Americans across the political spectrum. The Obama administration has consistently defended the procedures.