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Gingrich loses Delaware

Yup, as was projected, Gingrich was unable to convince the state of Delaware to support him (just like he was unable to convince his second wife to have an open marriage).  Mitt Romney, with 100% reporting, has won Delaware.  Gingrich pulled in a close second (no, not really close) with Ron Paul gathering 10.6% of the vote.

16% of the registered Republicans in the state turned out

Election Date: 04/24/12

236 of 236 Districts Reporting = 100%

Absentee Votes Reported
New Castle : Y
Kent            : Y
Sussex         : Y

For Statewide Offices: 
Republican Voter Turnout = 16 %

* = Incumbent












236 of 236 Districts Reported






27 . 1 %





10 . 6 %





56 . 5 %





5 . 8 %


Well, that about sums it up for Gingrich.  Ron Paul will stay in the race.  Now it will just be Romney vs. Paul. 

Facebook has over 500 million active daily users

According to the Huffington Post, Facebook released some new data:

Here are some key stats from the amendment:

  • Monthly active users now total 901 million (up from 680 million a year ago).
  • Daily active users are up to 526 million (up from 372 million last year).
  • Monthly mobile users now total 488 million.
  • 300 million photos are uploaded to the site each day.
  • 3.2 billion Likes and Comments are posted daily.
  • 125 billion friendships are forged per day.
  • Facebook will pay $300 million in cash, plus 23 million shares of common stock for photo-sharing app Instagram.
  • If the Instagram deal falls through, Facebook will pay $200 million.
  • Revenue for the first quarter of 2012 was $1.058 billion, up from $731 last year.
  • Net income dropped to $205 million for the quarter, down from $233 last year.

As much time as I spend on Facebook, I am constantly amazed by some of their changes, their privacy issues, and their big government attitudes.  I guess I can’t complain since I realize that I am the product that makes Facebook worth so very much.

Now excuse me as I go share this on Facebook.

Ellen Barrosse has the endorsement of Bill Sahm and Jerry Wood

Ellen Barrosse is running for Delaware GOP National Committewoman:

I’m excited to announce the endorsements of Bill Sahm, Chair of the Northern NCC Region and Jerry Wood, Chair of the Sussex Region.

John Still, former state senator, and Michael McDermott, former Christiana/Milcreek Regional Chair, have also endorsed me.

I’m honored by their confidence, and I look forward to working with them to rebuild the Party.

It’s only a few days until the State Committee Dinner. I’m hoping to see you there. If you haven’t yet bought your tickets yet, click here.


Bill Sahm
Chair, Northern NCC Region
I have the greatest respect and admiration for Priscilla Rakestraw and all the effort she has expended on behalf of our Delaware Republican Party over her many years as our National Committee Woman. However, the results of the last two election cycles have been disastrous both for our party and the people of Delaware.We face a voter registration disadvantage of more than 110,000 voters and a divided Party. The only Statewide office we hold is that of State Auditor and we are outgunned in the General Assembly by almost 2 to 1. We need to dramatically change this in 2012 and beyond.

That is why I am honored to endorse Ellen Barrosse for National Committee Woman. I’m supporting Ellen because she has the skills, expertise, drive, and energy to raise funds, recruit winning candidates, and reunite our Party. She is a superb communicator and accomplished political organizer.

Please join me in electing Ellen Barrosse as our next National Committee Woman.

Jerry Wood
Chair, Sussex RegionEllen Barrosse possesses the strength of conviction, character and vision that is necessary to address the issues that face Delaware and our country today. She is an accomplished business owner and is deeply concerned about the future of our country and our Party.Ellen has the experience, judgment and focus necessary to guide our Party through these challenging times.

In Sussex County, we honor the traditional American freedoms, values and opportunities that made our nation the greatest country in history. Ellen Barrosse shares our Republican values, and for these reasons I proudly endorse her for Republican National Committeewoman for the State of Delaware.

John Still
Former Delaware Senator

Ellen has my complete support for National Committeewoman. It is a very important and symbolic position in the GOP and her background, commitment, and business sense are welcome assets for all concerned.

The GOP is in real need of continuing change and Ellen has an opportunity to make a positive difference with: the GOP, candidates, volunteers, committees, fundraising, and communications to and within the party. With her depth and breadth of business experiences, having met a payroll, and strong family values….she is a breath of fresh air. I thank her and her family for offering her time and talents – we will be the better for it.

Priscilla has accomplished much in her years of service to the GOP and for her years of dedication and commitment I say a hearty thank you. I sincerely hope and trust she and her supporters will work collaboratively and for the good of all concerned as our GOP marches to the beat of a new drummer.

Michael McDermott
Former Chair, Christiana/Millcreek Region

Careful top-level change is necessary to the strategic vitality of every organization.
I support Ellen because the time is right for that kind of change for our party.

I didn’t know Priscilla was even elected.

21% of homeowners expect their home value to increase over the next year

Rasmussen Reports released a poll of homeowners last week which stated that 21% of homeowners believe the value of their home will increase over the next year.

Homeowners remain more optimistic about both the short- and long-term housing markets than they were for nearly all of last year. That confidence appeared to stall slightly in March but now has bounced back.

The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey of homeowners finds that 21% now expect the value of their home to go up over the next year. Twenty-five percent (25%) expect their home’s value to go down, and 52% think it will stay the same. (To see survey question wording, click here.)

The national survey of 700 Adult Homeowners was conducted on April 15-16, 2012 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 4 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

That same 21% also stated they believe that Mitt Romney’s dog really loved his ride on the roof of his car.


Wilmington Mayor James Baker orders end of occupation of Occupy Delaware

Isn’t it interesting to find out that a mayor, who is paid by your tax dollars, is limiting the freedom to protest peacefully on the so-called “public property” that you pay for? Makes you wonder whose “property” it really is.

Mayor Baker Directs Occupy Delaware to Cease Occupation of Spencer Plaza Posted on 04/23/2012 3:03 pm


Wilmington Mayor James M. Baker today directed members of Occupy Delaware to discontinue their occupation of Spencer Plaza, which is located on the 800 Block of French Street directly across from the Louis L. Redding City/County Building. The Mayor has requested that the group dismantle their campground by May 1. Occupy Delaware has occupied Spencer Plaza—the sacred burial ground of celebrated African American religious leader Peter Spencer, his wife and six other individuals—since November of 2011.

The City of Wilmington originally agreed to allow Occupy Delaware to use Spencer Plaza to express its First Amendment right to engage in protected speech. According to Mayor Baker, however, in the time since the agreement was reached, individuals at the site have engaged in criminal misconduct, including destruction of public property, safety and sanitation violations and, most recently, illegal drug activity and public intoxication.

The Mayor said the group’s ‘occupation’ is preventing the general public from the use and enjoyment of the plaza. “The City does not intend to preclude Occupy Delaware from the legitimate exercise of its First Amendment rights,” said the Mayor. “But the indefinite seizure of public property is not protected speech. I am therefore asking that Occupy Delaware discontinue the occupation of the Plaza by no later than May 1.”

“The Occupy Delaware encampment in Spencer Plaza has become more than just a public nuisance with its unsightly and disorderly appearance—it also represents a danger to the people camping there as well as to the public,” Mayor Baker continued. “Most disturbing is the lack of respect some have shown for our laws and for what many Wilmingtonians consider to be a sacred gravesite. Occupy Delaware’s ‘occupation’ has become a desecration of the final resting place of one of our most historic and revered citizens—the African American church leader Peter Spencer who founded the first independent black Christian Church in the United States, which is the A. U. M. P. Church in Wilmington.”

Mayor Baker said he hopes that Occupy Delaware will be respectful of Wilmington’s cultural heritage and sensitive to the desires of the total Wilmington community by voluntarily removing the tents and related structures from Spencer Plaza, on or before May 1. The Mayor said he also hopes that Occupy Delaware will immediately bring an end to the violations of law that have occurred at the site.

Continue reading here:

42% think free enterprise, not government, made America great

What made the United States of America great?

Government investments? Obama says so.

But a new Rasmussen poll finds that only 27% of likely voters agree that government investments made America great. 42% disagree, and 32% aren’t sure.

These numbers aren’t encouraging. Less than half of likely voters understand that government investments don’t make a country great, and, in fact, usually harm the country? A third have no idea?

Keith Olbermann admits he doesn’t understand economics

Keith Olbermann was on ABC’s This Week on Sunday with host George Stephanopoulos.  He stated that traders and speculators are causing the gas prices to go up and that it’s a conspiracy to drive up gas prices.  This is naturally all to harm Barack Obama’s election chances.

KEITH OLBERMANN: Yeah. One of the — one of the things I turned to, to try to establish that was to look at the average gas price at various key moments, and the lowest price in the last six years, the nadir of gas prices at the pump, was the day of this president’s inauguration in 2009. There has to be some connection between that being the least busy political moment of a president’s career, where you’re not going to — you’re not going to hurt them, you’re not going to harm him that way, and the price of gas. There has to be an almost deliberate or at least a side effect quality to that. There must be.

This statement is laughable.  The connections between the rising gas prices and Barack Obama mainly point to inflation.  As long as the Federal Reserve continues to print money the cost of every day living (and things like gas and food) will continue to rise.

If Keith Olbermann really believes this, no wonder he got fired.

Lieberman won’t endorse Obama or Romney in 2012

It seems Joe Lieberman is finally ready to fade into political obscurity.  The former U.S. Senator and pervious Democratic vice presidential candidate will not be endorsing anyone for president in 2012.

In 2008, the Democrat made headlines by endorsing John McCain over Barack Obama (for what good it did).  This year Lieberman is not running for re-election and is avoiding the “nastiness“.

“This year, when it comes to the presidential election, I’m just going to do what most Americans do: Go in the voting booth on election day and in the privacy of the booth cast my vote,” Lieberman added. “This is a very important election. One thing I will say — it seems obvious from the polling that is going on the whole year — the American people are very unsettled; they are uneasy about the economy, about the government.”

Or maybe Lieberman realized that Mitt Romney is no better than Barack Obama.

Price hopes to reclaim 38th Rep seat; GOP could capture State Senate

By Dan Ryan: Shirley Price (D-Ocean View), a realtor and former state representative, filed for the 38th Representative District seat last week. She won the seat in 1996 and lost it in 2002 to now-Rep. Gerald Hocker (R-Ocean View), and hopes to reclaim it now that Hocker has announced he will run for the retiring Sen. George Bunting’s (D-Bethany Beach) 20th Senatorial District seat.

Price told local news and talk radio station WGMD that she’s running because she enjoys volunteer work and public service, “and there’s a lot of things out there that people can be helped with.”

Hocker, at a meeting of the 38th District Republican club, encouraged candidates to come forward and run for the seat he currently occupies, but did not endorse a successor (though he joked that his wife, Emily, would be a good candidate, earning a round of applause).

Some political observers have speculated that Republicans could win control of the State Senate for the first time in four decades, as there are at least three seats at risk. Four candidates — two Republicans and two Democrats — have filed in the newly-created coastal 6th Senatorial District; Bunting’s seat in the 20th is expected to go to Hocker; and 79-year-old Sen. Robert Venables (D-Laurel) is currently running unopposed, but considered by many to be overdue for retirement. Like Bunting, Venables is known as a conservative Democrat and will probably be succeeded by a conservative Republican whether he retires or is voted out.