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Collins to challenge Atkins in 41st

Rich Collins (R-Millsboro) announced his candidacy for the 41st Representative District seat, currently held by Rep. John Atkins (D-Millsboro), this evening during Bill Colley’s talk show on WGMD. Collins is probably best known for being the executive director of the Positive Growth Alliance, a nonprofit organization which promotes free enterprise and government accountability in Delaware, and had been rumored to be considering a run for the seat for several months prior to filing for it this morning.

Atkins, a former Republican, is widely considered to be one of the most socially conservative Democrats in the Delaware General Assembly, and defeated Republican challenger and former state representative Greg Hastings by a margin of ten percent in 2010.

The 41st, which includes Millsboro, Gumboro, Frankford, and portions of Selbyville, is home to slightly more Democrats than Republicans, but with approximately 20% of the district’s voters belonging to the “other” category — third party or unaffiliated — party affiliation probably won’t be much of a factor in the race. Both candidates can be expected to campaign as strong conservatives. Atkins has the advantage of name recognition, but will have to work to distance himself from his party’s more liberal candidates (e.g., President Obama, Senator Carper, Governor Markell), and might stumble over a critical email sent to the Delaware State Police following a traffic stop earlier this year.

There are no third-party or unaffiliated candidates for the 41st Representative District seat at this time.

Message From: Sheriff Jeff Christopher, Office of the Sheriff of Sussex County, DE

via the 9/12 Delaware Patriots:


From: Sheriff Jeff Christopher, Office of the Sheriff of Sussex County, DE


Public Hearing regarding Unjust Firing of Deputy Ishmael “Pete” Torres


To be held at 10am Monday, June 10, 2012, in Council Chambers, 2 The Circle, Georgetown, DE 19947


Dear Citizens of Sussex County,


Last month, the Sussex County Council, through County Administrator Todd Lawson, unjustly fired one of our deputies, Ishmael “Pete” Torres. On Monday, June 10 at 10am in the Sussex County Council Chambers there will be a Public Hearing regarding this issue.

Deputy Torres was fired without due process and against my will as your Sheriff. Deputy Torres was my only bi-lingual deputy and therefore very valuable to the Office of the Sheriff. The County Council is slowly but surely taking over the office I was elected to run by you, the people of Sussex County. They are no longer allowing me the ability to properly run the Office of Sheriff. If I do not have that authority, then what is the use having an elected Sheriff?


We cannot allow an overreaching County Council to fire our deputies at will. This is capricious and unlawful for them to do. The only purpose of this unjust firing was to continue to take over the control the Office of Sheriff. Also, County Council informed me yesterday that they will not allow me to rehire a new deputy to replace Deputy Torres, nor will they allow me to hire another deputy that recently left the Office of the Sheriff to go to a better paying job.


They cannot expect the Office of the Sheriff to function properly with only four deputies instead of the original six we had to do the jobs we have been swamped with over the last two years. With such a small number of deputies, it will be impossible to keep up. They are attempting to make me look bad by causing me to be unable to complete the job I was elected to do as your Sheriff. The Sussex County Council is setting me up for failure.

Are you, the people of Sussex County, going to stand by and let the County Council do this to your Office of the Sheriff? Please come to the Public Hearing to voice your opinion. The meeting will be held at the County Council Chambers at 10am on Monday, June 10, 2012 located at 2 The Circle, Georgetown, DE 19947.



Sheriff Christopher


Eric “Bodie” Bodenweiser Files for 19th State Senate Seat‏

Official Press Release


Eric “Bodie” Bodenweiser Files for 19th State Senate Seat


     In a move expected by many over the last two years, Eric “Bodie” Bodenweiser, 53 of Georgetown, officially filed for the 19th State Senate seat today, which he lost by only 120 votes in 2010. Bodenweiser intends to work relentlessly to win the seat.  He plans to publicize the issue of the job his opponent received at Sussex Tech High School just 10 days after the September 14, 2010 election which many say would have turned the race in Bodenweiser’s favor had that news come out before the election.

     Bodenweiser is a staunch social and fiscal constitutional conservative Christian that has worked hard for the Republican Party over the last two years.  He led the successful effort to continue prayers led by citizens at Indian River School Board meetings after the ACLU won its case to have the school board prayers stopped.  Recently, he testified before the House Gaming and Parimutuels Committee against the newest gambling bill in Dover, which would allow casino style gambling into every home with a computer via the Internet. 

     A successful businessman, Bodenweiser helped his father Bodie operate their family business, Bodie’s Dairy Markets, a chain of six local convenience stores and laundromats, established in 1966 until they were sold in 2001. 

     “I know how hard it is to run a successful business, to stick to a budget and to make a payroll in this current economy”, says Bodenweiser.  “It is high time we reign in the big spenders in Dover and take the regulatory boot off the neck of commerce in Delaware in order to generate the jobs we so desperately need and to get this economy back on track again and I look forward to working hard for the people of the 19th Senate District to accomplish this goal”.

    The 19th Senate seat encompasses the communities of Bridgeville, Georgetown, Long Neck and their surrounding areas.  Bodenweiser has, over time, lived in all three places in his 48 years as a Sussex Countian and knows the areas well. 

     “I am looking forward to getting out and meeting as many voters in the 19th Senate District as possible before the September 11, 2012 Republican Primary” says Bodenweiser.  He can be reached at his home by phone at 856 9395 and looks forward to hearing from anyone who calls.

Eric “Bodie” Bodenweiser
9 Lynchs Lane
Georgetown, DE 19947

Broadcasters Would Rather Not Have To Post Political Ad Rates Online

Last month, the FCC approved a new rule that requires broadcasters who air political ads to post on their websites the rates they charge — and other related information — for these commercials. This isn’t sitting well with the broadcasters, who filed suit to stop the rule change.

Currently, if consumers want to see this information — which includes the ad rates and the number of times each ad is aired — they have to visit the actual station and look at it in person.

To the FCC, it’s a “common-sense update… to move from paper to online access to public information in the digital age… The rules are consistent with Congress’s directive to ensure public availability while providing cost savings for broadcasters.”

But the broadcasters don’t see it that way.

The suit, filed by the National Association of Broadcasters with the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in Washington, D.C., alleges that the rules would give competing stations the ability to easily find out each other’s ad rates for political TV spots. Additionally, the NAB says it’s unfair that the rule does not apply to cable channels.

Broadcasters Challenge New Online-Disclosure Rules []

Gingrich loses Delaware

Yup, as was projected, Gingrich was unable to convince the state of Delaware to support him (just like he was unable to convince his second wife to have an open marriage).  Mitt Romney, with 100% reporting, has won Delaware.  Gingrich pulled in a close second (no, not really close) with Ron Paul gathering 10.6% of the vote.

16% of the registered Republicans in the state turned out

Election Date: 04/24/12

236 of 236 Districts Reporting = 100%

Absentee Votes Reported
New Castle : Y
Kent            : Y
Sussex         : Y

For Statewide Offices: 
Republican Voter Turnout = 16 %

* = Incumbent












236 of 236 Districts Reported






27 . 1 %





10 . 6 %





56 . 5 %





5 . 8 %


Well, that about sums it up for Gingrich.  Ron Paul will stay in the race.  Now it will just be Romney vs. Paul. 

Price hopes to reclaim 38th Rep seat; GOP could capture State Senate

By Dan Ryan: Shirley Price (D-Ocean View), a realtor and former state representative, filed for the 38th Representative District seat last week. She won the seat in 1996 and lost it in 2002 to now-Rep. Gerald Hocker (R-Ocean View), and hopes to reclaim it now that Hocker has announced he will run for the retiring Sen. George Bunting’s (D-Bethany Beach) 20th Senatorial District seat.

Price told local news and talk radio station WGMD that she’s running because she enjoys volunteer work and public service, “and there’s a lot of things out there that people can be helped with.”

Hocker, at a meeting of the 38th District Republican club, encouraged candidates to come forward and run for the seat he currently occupies, but did not endorse a successor (though he joked that his wife, Emily, would be a good candidate, earning a round of applause).

Some political observers have speculated that Republicans could win control of the State Senate for the first time in four decades, as there are at least three seats at risk. Four candidates — two Republicans and two Democrats — have filed in the newly-created coastal 6th Senatorial District; Bunting’s seat in the 20th is expected to go to Hocker; and 79-year-old Sen. Robert Venables (D-Laurel) is currently running unopposed, but considered by many to be overdue for retirement. Like Bunting, Venables is known as a conservative Democrat and will probably be succeeded by a conservative Republican whether he retires or is voted out.